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Tanning Tips

General Information
The sun is our life source. Not only does the sun produce plant life, food, and energy, it plays a crucial role on the physical and mental health of humans and animals. It affects all life in a positive way.

However, tanning has received so much negative press lately that you may question the advisability of having a golden tan. Let's take a realistic look at the problems and see if we can find a solution.

Americans love the summer sun, beaches, swimming, baseball, picnics, golfing, cruises; the list is endless. Vacations and sun are synonymous. Also, many people must work outdoors. Construction, highway workers, lifeguards, and gardeners to name a few.

The depleting ozone layer has certainly made the sun more dangerous in the last few years, but it hasn't lessened our desire to be in the sun or to have a beautiful golden tan. We perceive ourselves to look better with a tan. We also receive more attention and compliments when we're tanned, giving our ego a boost. Surely, there must be a way to enjoy the benefits of the sun and minimize the harmful effects.

Must I Use Tanning Lotion Every Time?
Yes, you should. Moist skin tans faster, deeper, and more evenly than dry skin. You can spend less time tanning, still achieve your goal and have softer, healthier skin. Dry skin will age and give a hard, scaly appearance. Why would you ever tan without a lotion?

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Are Moisturizers Necessary?
Yes, all year long. Your skin is constantly exposed to sun, wind, heat, and cold- all drying your skin, and this loss of moisture is the key element in wrinkling. The top layer of dry skin is ready to fake off, and with it goes your tan. UVA moisturizers will help maintain your tan longer, and they contain ingredients to alleviate indoor tanning problems.

Why Is It Necessary To Wear Eye Wear?
Protecting your eyes is the single most important thing to remember when tanning indoors or outdoors. Just as you should not look at the sun, you should not look at the UV light in the tanning units. Closing your eyes, or even covering them with a cloth is not enough without eye wear. UV rays may cause cataracts and temporary or permanent blindness. You should keep your eyes closed for further protection.

Due to health reasons, we do not loan eye wear. You may purchase Super Sunnies, Sunglobes, Sunclipse, Viewkeepers, or Special Eyes.

Can I Catch Other Diseases From A Tanning Bed?
Not very likely. Every salon owner should use disinfectant to clean the unit after each session. Our beds, pillows, and chairs are sanitized after each tanning session. Don't hesitate to ask what we use. It's your health. We have used the same brand of disinfectant product since we opened. It kills all forms of bacteria within 60 seconds.

After tanning, you should wait 1 to 2 hours before showering. During showering, you are exfoliating your skin, and you will lose some of the color that you just gained.

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